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2. Building an audience takes time and connecting with them is a continuous exercise. By leveraging the right marketing tactics and technological tools, you can reach out to your target audience much faster and keep engaging with them on a frequent basis.

Effective business communication begins when you are present in places where your audience is. The wonderful bit about technology is that not only does it let you get your messages out on several platforms simultaneously, it also allows you to discover who your audience is. If you hope to effectively reach your target audience you need to be open, transparent and maintain constant communication through public forums. The last thing you need is shoddy videos that your audience doesn't find attractive. Building an audience takes time and connecting with them is a continuous exercise.

3. U.S economic activity expands, labor markets remains tight : Fed Beige Book - CRE Herald

According to the Federal Reserve's Beige Book report, economic activity expanded at a slight-to-moderate pace in March and early April. While most Districts reported that growth continued at a similar pace as the previous report, a few Districts reported some strengthening There was little change in the outlook among contacts in reporting Districts, with those expecting slight-to-modest growth in the months ahead. Reports on consumer spending were mixed but suggested sluggish sales for both general retailers and auto dealers. Reports on manufacturing activity were favorable, although contacts in many Districts noted trade-related uncertainty. This tight labor market also led to continued wage pressures, as most Districts reported moderate wage growth. Construction firms across most Districts nevertheless reported net increases in material costs, with several also reporting passing those costs on to their customers.

5. OKCoin Invests In Crypto Custody Firm Prime Trust

San-Franciso-based cryptocurrency exchange, OKCoin recently invested an undisclosed amount in Prime Trust a crypto custody service provider. Scott Purcell, Prime Trust CEO and chief trust officer sent out a note to customers on Wednesday stating that the firm recently closed a "Nice" funding round which was led by OKCoin. Notably, Prime Trust already serves as OKCoins fiat gateway. OKCoin announced last week that it has added a new payment channel which allows customers to deposit funds via Prime Trust with no fees. Prime Trust, which is a Nevada-based financial company, silently entered the crypto space last July, offering cold storage for Bitcoin.

6. Shares for another company called Zoom are flying, but some might be trading the wrong stock

Zoom Technologies is not the company Zoom Video Communications that began publicly trading on the Nasdaq on Thursday. Shares of Zoom Technologies hit a trading volume on Thursday that was quadruple the amount of shares that change hands on the average day. Shares of Zoom are in high demand on Thursday morning but there's one problem: It appears to be a case of mistaken identity. Within two hours of trading, shares of ZOOM surged more than 80%, with trading volume that was quadruple the amount of shares that change hands on the average day. Zoom Video Communications stock is in high demand, as Nasdaq indicated the stock is set to IPO at about $62 a share - nearly double the $36 a share the company priced at on Wednesday.

8. Verasity Partners with Amazon Web Services to Power Disruptive Blockchain-Enhanced Video Platform

PRNewswire/ - Verasity, a disruptive next-generation video platform built on blockchain enhanced technology, has announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services. "We are thrilled to have been chosen by Amazon as a member of its AWS program and believe that Verasity's blockchain technology, which seeks to prevent fake views, eradicate bots, and limit fraudulent activity on online video platforms, is the way forward," says David Orman. Verasity provides a complete online video toolkit enabling businesses to enhance and improve existing global online video offerings with blockchain technology. Verasity is a next-generation video sharing platform designed to pivot the online video ecosystem by enabling a direct and transparent relationship between viewers, content creators and advertisers. Verasity's protocols will be used across the web integrating video delivery and instant micropayments using VERA all backed with trusted and transparent Proof-of-View Blockchain technology.

9. 7 Reasons Why Business Owners All Over The World Are Adding WiFi QR Codes To Their Venues

Having the ability to include your favorite social handles right along side the WiFi QR Code is provides the perfect timing to invite your guests to follow your business on social media! Business owners that have included an easy to scan WiFi QR Code make the internet instantly reachable for people who would have previously struggled inputting the WiFi password into their devices. From the moment we added a WiFi QR Code to our restaurant our sales have increased 13% and each of our staff member saves 28 minutes per shift handing WiFi passwords. Looking to see the WiFi QR Codes for your business? WiFi QRC makes it easy to create and share WiFi QR Codes!With free account or premium options, cancel anytime policy & world-class customer service. >> SHOP WIFI QR CODE OPTIONS HERE << Choose the best plan for your business Plans for teams and businesses of every stage, shape and size.

10. Next recession? Sales of self-employed and other small firms fell in Q1

Revenue for 30,500 sole proprietorships and other enterprises with just a few employees fell 3.4% in the first quarter from the same period a year ago, according to Invoice2go, which sells an app that generates invoices for small businesses. Sales fell in nine of the 12 industries tracked last quarter, with just event services, outdoor services and technology posting increases. The sales of a large sample of very small businesses declined in the first quarter. Sales for the San Francisco-based company dipped in the first quarter after surging 28% last year as the number of events it produced from January through mid April slipped to 137 from 156 a year ago, says CEO Natasha Miller. The most closely watched survey of small firms, out last week, shows 27% said sales were lower the past three months, up from an average 19% in the second half of 2018, according to the National Federation of Independent Business.

11. Toxic Friendships

Sometimes we find ourselves in toxic Friendships, friends that are unhealthy influencers in our lives. Some Friendships can actually be good for us at a point in time and after a while it won't. We should be matured enough to accept the fact that some friendships are no longer good for us and move on with our lives. When we let go of old toxic Friendships, we will meet new awesome Friends. Let go of Toxic friendships and Step into friendships that will add more value to your life and bring the best out of you.

13. Airbus sells longer-range A321, expects quick end to Boeing crisis

TOULOUSE, France - Airbus sales chief Christian Scherer said it is selling longer-range versions of its A321, while signaling a shift away from chasing market share at any cost and predicting Boeing will emerge quickly from the grounding of its rival 737 MAX. Scherer, who took on the top sales role in September, told Reuters that Airbus is seeing more demand for longer-range versions of roughly 200-seat planes previously used for medium-haul routes, blurring boundaries with bigger jets. Scherer's remarks are the strongest indication yet that Airbus has quietly launched the A321XLR, a keenly awaited new version of its single-aisle plane that competes with the 737 MAX and could brush up against a proposed new Boeing mid-market jet. Airbus and Boeing compete ferociously for sales of single aisle jets like the MAX and A320 or A321 and the effort to expand Airbus' lead in the market for its cash cow predates last month's grounding of the 737 MAX following two crashes. Scherer is up against a relentless dealmaker in Boeing sales chief Ihssane Mounir, who snatched the orders crown last year, while Airbus had a negative first quarter on orders due to cancellations. Scherer, who keeps a model in his office of a jet code-named A30X, which would have seen the light of day if Boeing had opted for a new jet instead of the MAX, is focused on current business but acknowledges Airbus is shaping its ideas beyond the A320neo.

14. Mercury opens bank for startups with funding from Andreessen Horowitz

That's what is happening with Mercury, a bank for startups backed by Andreessen Horowitz. Mercury provides bank accounts built specifically for startups by combining Federal Deposit Insurance Corp-insured checking and savings accounts with tech tools like cashflow analytics, intuitive dashboards, and efficient payments. To accomplish its goal of creating a bank specifically for tech companies, Mercury first updated banking features to an intuitive, modern interface; wires, checks, and ACH transfers can be sent with three clicks. Accounts have full FDIC insurance and are provided through Memphis-based Evolve Bank & Trust, a bank with 90 years of history that has recently begun partnering with fintech startups. "Mercury has a deep understanding of startups and what they need," said Roger Smith, who founded Silicon Valley Bank in 1982 and is an investor in Mercury, in a statement.

15. How to step outside of your comfort zone – 3 Key lessons from my real Yes Man experiment

Each year, I choose a new experiment to live my life by. Would you want to ever give them another gift again? How about if, when you imagine the same scene, they receive your gift with warmth instead? They marvel at it, and watching them take time to fully enjoy the experience brings a smile to your face. How do you receive the opportunities that life gifts to you? Do you seize them with joy, or do you begin a debate? Do you exhaustively weigh up the pros and cons, whilst considering each potential outcome and, on occasion, talk yourself out of making a decision at all? Lesson 3 - New possibilities can change the direction or focus of your life.

16. Nestle Confirmed It Expected Sales Growth To Exceed 3 Percent This Year...

Consumers' appetite for fresh, locally produced foods has hit sales of packaged goods, a trend Nestle and its peers are trying to buck by focusing on fast-growing categories like infant formula or coffee, accelerating innovation and putting less sugar and fat in their products. Organic sales growth at the maker of Nescafe instant coffee and Maggi soups accelerated to 3.4 percent in the first quarter of 2019, ahead of the average estimate of 2.8 percent in an Infront Data poll of analysts. The company based in Vevey in western Switzerland said its biggest markets, the United States and China, maintained good momentum in the quarter, with the largest growth contributions coming from petcare, dairy and infant nutrition. French yogurt maker Danone posted underlying quarterly sales growth of 0.8 percent on Wednesday, hit by setbacks in China and Morocco, but said it expected sales growth to accelerate from the second quarter. Anglo-Dutch Unilever is also due to release a first-quarter trading statement on Thursday.

17. Tips for investing in a commercial property of Mumbai

Spacio Realtors - Tips for investing in a commercial property of.... Mumbai's commercial real estate attracts many businessmen from across the countrym to try their luck in the sprawling business landscape. The most crucial decision is the amount of money you'd be investing in the property. A lot of new commercial centers are being built in unchartered suburbs, where property prices are not shooting up as of yet. You can use this to your advantage and buy a commercial property in one of the suburbs of Mumbai. In such a scenario, if you're the person who is looking to buy or sell a property, should you do it all by yourself? The answer in most cases is no! Selling property is easy, but getting the best out of it isn't a child's game.

18. The Influencer’s Dilemma

Robin Hood ExperimentIn an attempt to better understand the impact of fake social capital, like many others, I purchased some social clout, ran some bots, and manipulated some metrics myself. In a world where social metrics are purchased or manipulated, how can we trust them? How can we value social capital? Maybe, you could argue that real people showing up to somethings is still a measure of social value. There are economic reasons to use fake followers to grow social influence and it makes sense that social networks are allowing it to happen for more data and advertising. So the influencer's dilemma is between 1: being 'honest' while risking falling behind and 2: debasing everyone's social capital to get ahead. If they play out the game in their minds, buying fake followers as soon as possible seems like the only logical choice. The world assigns the same value to digital social capital as physical social capital without recognizing that acquiring the former is much easier than the latter.